Kosovo GDP 2008-2023

GDP at purchaser's prices is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. It is calculated without making deductions for depreciation of fabricated assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources. Data are in current U.S. dollars. Dollar figures for GDP are converted from domestic currencies using single year official exchange rates. For a few countries where the official exchange rate does not reflect the rate effectively applied to actual foreign exchange transactions, an alternative conversion factor is used.
  • Kosovo gdp for 2021 was $9.01B, a 16.72% increase from 2020.
  • Kosovo gdp for 2020 was $7.72B, a 2.32% decline from 2019.
  • Kosovo gdp for 2019 was $7.90B, a 0.27% increase from 2018.
  • Kosovo gdp for 2018 was $7.88B, a 9.72% increase from 2017.
Data Source: World Bank

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Country Name GDP ( Billions of US $)
India $3,173.40B
Indonesia $1,186.09B
Nigeria $440.78B
Bangladesh $416.26B
Egypt $404.14B
Philippines $394.09B
Vietnam $362.64B
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Kosovo $9.01B
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Mauritania $8.23B
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Djibouti $3.37B
Lesotho $2.52B
Timor-Leste $1.96B
Cabo Verde $1.94B
Solomon Islands $1.65B
Vanuatu $0.98B
Sao Tome and Principe $0.55B
Micronesia $0.40B
Kosovo GDP - Historical Data
Year GDP Per Capita Growth
2021 $9.01B $4,987 9.13%
2020 $7.72B $4,311 -5.34%
2019 $7.90B $4,416 4.76%
2018 $7.88B $4,384 3.41%
2017 $7.18B $4,009 4.83%
2016 $6.68B $3,760 5.57%
2015 $6.30B $3,521 5.92%
2014 $7.07B $3,903 3.35%
2013 $6.74B $3,705 5.34%
2012 $6.16B $3,411 1.71%
2011 $6.34B $3,541 6.32%
2010 $5.34B $3,010 4.94%
2009 $5.02B $2,848 5.03%
2008 $5.18B $2,965 %